Голая йога: Каждое человеческое тело уникально — и это прекрасно!

15 июля 2016 в 12:50
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«Доверяй своим инстинктам», - советует обнаженная девушка-йог...

26-летняя модель уже больше полугода анонимно ведет аккаунт Nude Yoga Girl в Instagram, куда выкладывает удивительные черно-белые фотографии своих занятий по йоге. Очень красиво и эротично — мы в астрале…

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Свои фотографии она сопровождает иногда мотивирующими сентенциями и советами. «Каждое человеческое тело уникально — и это прекрасно!» — утверждает голая девушка-йога и советует доверять своим инстинктам.

«Жизнь прекрасна, потому что строится и держится на контрастах. Нам нужна радость и печаль, солнце и дождь. Я стала мудрой, когда поняла, что не нужно делать из несовершенства врага…» — пишет Nude Yoga Girl.

❤ Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.

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I believe that our body-mind connection is very strong. Body and mind are an inseparable set and if we control one of them that affects the other one also. ❤ Teamwork can produce amazing results in many ways if we learn to use it. Think about placebo, imaginary training, meditation… Your mind influences your body. Also positive thinking is one example that affects stress and through it physical health too. ❤ By doing sports you can physically affect your mental wellbeing. If you feel sad, you can do yoga and feel better. Pleasure hormones endorphins are released. ❤ There is a lot of examples where controlling and practicing your mind or body affects also the other. I really see it in everyday life how much it affects if I'm positive or negative, optimistic or pessimist. ❤ Self-acceptance is one thing. Loving our own body doesn't start from our body, it starts from our mind. And if your mind says you are beautiful, you also feel like that. And I'm sure everyone else can see it too. Persons who carrie themselves well are so gorgeous! ❤

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«Мы должны признать, что у нас есть только этот момент — сейчас. И даже если мы планируем что-то на будущее — это всего лишь наши мечты и желания. Мир меняется каждое мгновение, и мы меняемся вместе с ним…»

I don't know if you have seen the news about the photos of Jennifer Anniston on holiday. All the magazines have written that she is pregnant because of her stomach (which was btw absolutely normal). I get very irritated about this. What gives the right for people to comment on other's looks in this way.. I don't understand. ❤ For first, whose stomach has been swollen after a meal? Mine has. ?And I'm 26, not 47.. (So there is also a difference.) One time in a bus I was offered a seat because the person thought I was pregnant "you are pregnant, I see". I was like what?! And pulled my belly inside for the rest of the trip.. It wasn't very nice to get a comment like that before I was going to a model casting. ❤ For a lot of women the subject of having children can be very sensitive so I think it's better to be without supposing things like pregnancy. People maybe don't mean it in a bad way when they say to someone something like "how skinny, how tall, how short or how big shoulders you have" etc.. But those things can be an insecure area for the person you are speaking to. And it doesn't help if the person gets the feeling that everyone is just seeing that part of them and it makes them feel even more insecure. (I have experience in this especially with my shoulders.. ?). ❤ So today I want to remind that let's be careful on how we comment on how others look. We can't know what is behind all of that. ❤ I have always wrote here how self-acceptance and loving yourself starts from our mind — you are already good enough and beautiful. But sometimes the right word in the right time can mean the world. I want to challenge you to give more compliments. If you think something good about someone, tell it to him/her. Tell your best friend how beautiful she is and tell someone on the street how nice eyes or hair she/he has. ❤ In this world we need more compliments and positive feedback and less competition, jealousy and cruelty… The beauty of someone else doesn't take the beauty away from you. ❤

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NYG GOES NATURE. ❤ Like someone of you guessed right my new "addition" is photos in nature! Not just studio photos anymore but also photos in real environment with natural light. ☺ ❤ For first I wanted to do again my personal favorite picture, this account's profile picture. I really love doing yoga outdoor in the nature (normally with clothes on ?). In nature I don't get a good connection just to myself during the practice but I feel that I get a connection also to the nature around me. ❤ I hear birds, feel the sun and wind on my skin and I can smell the forest. I love the endless space around me, it really gives me power. ❤ We should remember that we are part of nature, just a small piece in the middle of an amazing ecosystem. I think if we respect nature, take care of it and enjoy spending time there we are healthier and happier. We belong there. ❤

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I always read through all your comments and this time I wanted to make a point from one discussion…❤ ❤ @ellaelers (in response to someone else) "—can you define flawless, perfect image or body? To me, and I'm sure to @nude_yogagirl too, every body is perfect in all it's imperfection, every body is flawless or flawed — it's only a matter of perspective. What you are saying is that those who have this kind of body, which you consider to be "flawless & perfect", should hide themselves. I don't consider her body any more perfect or imperfect as anyones, and I see the truth in her words. Maybe you could see this if you tried to focus a bit more on the message that she is trying to perceive here, try to feel it with your heart and not so much with your mind. We could also focus on accepting, uplifting and encouraging each other and stop seeing other women as enemies or treaths. Peace." ❤ I'm not taking any sides on this discussion but I absolutely agree and love what you are saying @ellaelers: ''I don't consider her body any more perfect or imperfect as anyones.'' ❤ ❤ In the past I wasn't able to accept my body. There were days when I felt pain when I saw my body from the mirror because I wanted to change something about it so badly. I wasn't living in peace with myself and it made my days too difficult. ❤ I will always be thankful to yoga for showing me the right path and making me understand the real true values of beauty and that every single one of us is unique and we should treasure that. ❤ It doesn't matter if your are short/tall or big/small etc.. You are beautiful exactly the way you are. It all starts from our mind. ?❤

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Just a teaser… More coming up! ❤

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Эта удивительная девушка-йог снялась даже в ролике для Harper’s BAZAAR и дала журналу небольшое интервью.

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